Brynllaun started about 40 years ago with our Labradors, and the name came from the road that Huw lived in.  A bitch called Emma joined us (Brynlluan Black Shadow) and started us on the breeding path.  At the time we didnt think about the difference of working and show lines, and although Emma had some show lines, she was  predominantly from working stock,







Emma was mated to Landyke Ebony who was owned by Keith Hart, and with the education that we were gaining, it was decided that we need to get ourselves a male from Show lines.   Along came Forgemartin Bruno at Brynlluan, and we had lots of fun showing him and he was a joy to live with, and we still miss him after many years.   Also part of our beginnings was Bliss (Kezamy Sheer Bliss at Brynlluan) who was our foundation bitch and it was only in 2008 that we lost the last of dogs from her line.

Forgemartins Bruno At Brynlluan & Kezamy Shear Bliss At Brynlluan





Huw and I had always liked the Pembroke Corgis and we started off with a tricolour bitch called Shan.  We had two litters from Shan and from each we kept a red and white girl, Judy and Beth.  Later we were able to breed from them and again kept a bitch from each litter.




Sonny Girl Of Llwynog with her first litter

Sire Blands Patent Applied for

One of these pups is Judy.





Judy, had an only pup who was also named Shan in honor of her grandmother and Beth’s pup was named Megan after our neighbour’s dog.  We had some luck in the ring with the girls, however I had always wanted a tricolour dog.

Eventually a tricolour dog arrived from Mrs M Davis, Jay (Ermyn Storm Warning for Brynlluan) was to become our first Champion.  Then 7 years ago we purchased our first cardigan who, unfortunately was not up to the standard for showing, and he went to live in Bath with a Lady who is now a good friend.  It was with him that Cardigan’s found a place in our hearts. We no longer breed pembroke corgi's



Now living with us are seven Cardigan’s and three Labradors.





Huw and I started judging 30 years ago. We started out judging our own breed  - the Labrador Retriever.

After a few years we were both judging the gundog group. Then the Kennel Club changed the rules, and we could only judge breeds within the gundog group.

Huw has had the honour of judging the Labrador Retriever Club of Wales Open Show in 2008, he awards ccs in labradors and cardigan corgi's and is now looking forward to future judging appointments as well as continuing to show our own dogs.

I have continued to judge Labradors as well as judging Pembroke and Cardigan Corgis.  I have had the honour of judging 3 Corgi breed club open shows - Pennine and Yorkshire, Devon, and South Wales where I judged both the Welsh Corgi breeds. i also award cc's in cardigan corgi's and pembroke corgi's and hope in the near future labrador retrievers.

I also look forward to the future, judging and showing our Corgis.

 John and Huw




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